Kuta Lombok hotels · Mana Yoga Retreat and Kumbara Villas

Kuta Lombok hotels · Mana Yoga Retreat and Kumbara Villas

During my visit to Kuta I stayed at two different hotels which I both really loved. My Kuta Lombok accommodations were Mana Lombok and Kumbara Villas. However, these two couldn’t be more different, so I thought I would talk about them in more detail in this separate blog post.

So, why are these Kuta Lombok hotels Mana Lombok and Kumbara Villas so different from each other?


Mana Lombok

Mana Lombok is, compared to Kumbara Villas, more social. They have an extensive range of different rooms (a big villa, different dorms, bungalows or rooms), an open Yoga room that converts into a cinema at night, a spa, a proper restaurant as well as a pool and relax area in the center of the Mana area.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant.

The whole area is covered in luscious green, even your outdoor shower comes with a bed of tropical plants.

I highly recommend joining their yoga classes in their open yoga space. You’re so connected with the outdoors, and it’s also such a beautiful experience to have a yoga class while it’s raining.

Since they have so many different accommodation options and therefore different price ranges, there is most certainly a room that fits your budget.

The price I paid: 47€ incl. breakfast (2 persons)

Find out more about Mana Lombok here

Kumbara Villas

Kumbara Villas consists of Villas, all arranged next to each other – each villa comes with an outdoor area: own pool, a proper kitchen, lounge area, living room, and an indoor area: bed, shower and bathtub. I would describe it as a beautiful, deluxe concrete jungle. You don’t get to see other guests, everything is very private.

Breakfast will be served in your villa, you order it the day before.

Kumbara Villas is a good choice for those who seek privacy in a more luxurious environment. I was lucky enough to find a Villa for such a good deal. They only recently had opened their doors and therefore offered their villas at half their price.

Upon arrival, you’ll get to know your own “concierge” who you can stay in contact with via Whatsapp. He will check-in with you occasionally and arrange whatever you wish for.

This, for sure, was the most luxurious experience I’ve ever had on my travels in Southeast Asia.

The price I paid: 50€ incl. breakfast (2 persons)

Head to Kumbara Villas’ Facebook page for more info

I really loved both my stays Kuta Lombok hotels – Mana Lombok and Kumbara Villas. However, I have to admit that finding Kumbara Villas was mere luck since we initially intended on spending the whole week at Mana. But I just couldn’t say no to that price offer. Let me know what you think about these two accommodations!

If you want to see what Kuta Lombok has to offer, head to my blog post on Kuta’s beaches and restaurants here.

In the meantime – safe travels,

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