A weekend in Lucerne

A weekend in Lucerne

During my semester abroad I try to visit as many cities in Switzerland as possible. The Erasmus Student Network of Geneva organizes many trips, including a trip to Lucerne. They offer their trips to affordable prices, but for a limited amount of students. As the prices are cheap, there are many students who want to get a place for the trips and wait many hours before the actual selling time of the tickets at the meeting point. So did I and it was worth the waiting time. I really liked Lucerne.

The Erasmus Student Network had a strict scedule for the trip. When we arrived at the train station of Lucerne, we stowed our luggage in cars because we wouldn’t arrive at the hostel before the late afternoon. After that we held a minute of silence for the victims of the terror attacks that took place the night before in Paris. Everyone was talking about the attacks during our train ride to Lucerne. So it was just about right to hold a minute of silcence when we arrived in Lucerne. We split up into groups of 15 people for a guided tour through the city; a student from Lucerne showed us the most popular places. After our guided tour we had some leisure time and went for a stroll in the city.



It got quite cold after some time, so we decided to drink a cup of tea in the Mill’Feuille restaurant that is located right next to the river Reuss. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a beautiful view over the Mühlenplatz. The furnishing and concept match perfectly together; the service was fast and very friendly. Also their dishes looked so delicious, but unfortunately we were not really hungry.



We slept in the Youth Hostel Luzern. The owner is super friendly and very outgoing. It was my first experience I’ve every had in a hostel, so I kind of look foward to sleeping in more hostels. The rooms were very clean, the food was good and also the shared bathrooms and toilets were clean.

For the next day we were allowed to choose one activity or excursion out of five. The options were: visit of a cheese factory, the bunker, a distillery, a chocolate factory or a hiking tour. I chose to visit the cheese factory, because besides a really good reputation for cheese, Switzerland is well-known for its good cheese selection. And because I love cheese, my decision was easily made. We had to take the train to a small village called Engelberg. At the Show Cheese Factory at the Engelberg Monastery we had a brief introduction into the cheese production and the different kinds of cheeses.

I really enjoyed my weekend in Lucerne.

To give you a rugh overview of the price that I paid for the trip: 40CHF (including accomodation, dinner, excursion, club entree and a free drink). Please keep in mind that this is a special price offered by the organization ESN Geneva. The University of Geneva financially supports the trips so that students like me only have to pay less than the actual price.



Mill’Feuille Mühlenplatz




Changemaker Luzern

Bild von meiner liebsten Mitbewohnerin Isabelle Dufresne-Lienert


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