Zakynthos · Shipwreck Bay

Zakynthos · Shipwreck Bay

Here’s to my first holidays that I spent without any parent or supervisor in 2012. Our visit to Shipwreck Bay was right at the time when it got super hyped in the medias (or at least after that I saw so many posts about it), but we weren’t aware of how much attention it actually got when we were spending our holdidays there.

We wanted to explore the island, but we were too young to rent a boat, a scooter or a car, so we joined a guided tour to Shipwreck Bay where I had the first jaw-dropping experience of my life 🙂 when the boat made a turn to the right and I saw what was waiting for me: super high cliffs, crazy ice blue water, white sand and an almost empty beach. I didn’t know where to look first…
I guess, today there are more people traveling to the island just to be able to visit Shipwreck Bay. The time I was there, our tour started very early and we were some of the very first people on the beach. By the time we went, the bay was loaded with so many boats and tourist, there was barely place to move or sit down. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really beautiful place that I highly recommend you to visit. I always thought a water that blue can only be found in the Carribean.
Friends of mine booked their holidays for Zakynthos right at the time when I was traveling there and a few weeks later they did the same tour and were amazed by this beautiful bay. And by the way: this place is supposedly the most beautiful beach in Europe, according to many websites and “Best Beaches in Europe” posts.

I didn’t take many pictures back then because I just started traveling, but take a look for yourself:






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