Annecy is only a 45-minute car ride away from Geneva and I thought the advent season would be the perfect occasion to visit the city. Annecy was beautifully decorated and the Christmas market in the historical center added that special touch to the ambiance.

The products in France are to affordable prices in comparison to the Swiss franc. That’s why many Swiss residents cross the boarders to France and do grocery shopping there. So I took advantage of my time in Annecy and did some shopping. I only wanted to go to Annecy because of the Euro and I didn’t have any expectations of the city. I was really surprised by how beautiful it is. We parked my car at the city hall which is located right next to the lake and only a few steps away from the small bridge Pont des Amours, the Love Bridge. From there, you can walk to the old town of Annecy and walk by the park Les Jardins de l’Europe and Quai Napoleon III. The color of the water is just amazing and also the view to the mountains on the other side of the lake is magnificent.



The historic center of Annecy is so colorful because of the different paintings of the houses. So when you arrive from the Quai de Napoleon III you can see the different houses and right in the middle the main sight of Annecy – Le Palais de l’Ile. For all those who want to enjoy a beautiful view over Annecy: go up the hill to the Monastere de Visitation.



Rue Carnot  is the main shopping street in the old town. It leads directly to the mall called Centre commercial Courier. I really liked shopping there, but during the advent season there were loads of people walking around in the streets. Also, because of the terror attacks that took place in Paris, France increased its security measures. Security guards checked the bags at the entrance to the mall which resulted a long waiting line. Even in some shops you would have to show your bags once again. During the day, there were more and more people which had a negative effect on the waiting lines.



If you look for traditional dishes, go and head over to the old town. We found a small, but really good place that offers dishes from the Savoy region. And because I love Foie Gras since my time that I spent working in the Provence, I did not want to miss this dish which was really good, and so the main dishes too. I can only recommend going to this place when you’re in Annecy. The service was super fast and also very friendly.


Lac d'Annecy



Bunte Häuser in Annecy



La Bastille Annecy


Ausblick von Pont des Amours

Pont des Amours

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