Good morning everybody! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. I’m prepping for my exams next week and needed some time out. So I thought writing about my recent trip would be a good break. I finished editing my photos and here’s the result. A very good friend of mine moved to Paris in January 2016 to improve her French while doing an internship over there. I wanted to visit her this summer, but her plans changed and so I had to change mine too. Two weeks ago on Sunday, I bought a ticket and went to Paris five days afterwards. We stayed in an Airbnb accommodation in the 3rd Arrondissement for five days. I really recommend staying in the 3rd district, it’s a good starting point for everyone who likes discovering a city on foot. Since I had been to Paris two years ago and had visited all the main sights, my friend and I could just walk around and feel like real Parisiennes. Every night we were so exhausted from walking around that we had to go to bed early. I didn’t feel like a tourist at all, but that’s probably because I study French since three years at university and because I worked two months abroad in the France. So I already now their culture and habits better than the last times I had visited the city. The first three days the weather was giving us a hard time with ever changing weather conditions, but the last two days were so amazingly sunny and warm. A friend of mine, a Belgian from Brussels, spontaneously decided to take a train to Paris in order to stay with us for a day. This third trip to Paris was by far the best one. Thanks to my friends who made this trip so special.








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