FU House Hostel · Bangkok

FU House Hostel · Bangkok

The last time I left Bangkok, I decided that I would try staying somewhere new. So when it was time for me to find a new accommodation in Bangkok, it wasn’t that easy. Should I find something more luxurious? Or more down-to-earth? Before leaving Koh Kood for Bangkok, I had already assembled a small list of places that I wanted to stay at and not many were free for our time period. FU House Hostel counted amongst my favorites as it was offering that particular vibe I look for. I had always stayed at places around Sukhumvit Soi 14, and since I didn’t want to miss the busy atmosphere, FU House Hostel in Soi 8 was just around the corner.

FU House Hostel



FU House Hostel offers Double Rooms and Dormitory Rooms. As a couple, we obviously decided to stay in a Double Room with a private bathroom. The room itself is actually very spacious and so is the bathroom, the furnishing is veeery simple: AC, two nightstands, a decorative side table, shower, sink, toilet, towels and, most importantly (since that’s not always the case with cheap accommodations:) windows! We were missing a safe and at least a small cupboard to put our stuff in, but that’s just minor criticism.

Downstairs, the hostel has a kitchen where guests can cook, put food in the fridge or simply just make muesli in the morning to enjoy it outside in the seating area. The last time I stayed at a hostel in Bangkok, of course, it had been very loud in the evening, but at FU House Hostel it was quite the opposite. I guess since it’s a small house, there isn’t much space to accommodate many people, so we almost never ran into anyone and it was very calm at night.


Fortunately, when we arrived the room was ready for Check-In. As FU House is a hostel, I wasn’t expecting more than a warm welcome, doing the official paperwork and then being shown upstairs. We didn’t need to ask any questions since we know the area quite well and so we didn’t have much contact with the staff besides for asking for the organization of an airport transfer.


FU House Hostel is located in the Sukhumvit area, which is my personal favorite since there is always something going on (e.g. street markets at night) and at the end of every Soi (alley), the next BTS station is just within a short distance and therefore, getting around in the city is very easy.

I have never had an accommodation that is located that far away from Sukhumvit Street, almost at the end of the alley (about 6-10 min walking). Therefore, at night, it is actually very quiet and the alley isn’t packed with cars. There even is a 7-eleven in the alley.  I still can’t decide whether it’s located too far away from the main road or not, going back in the alley to FU House Hostel just felt longer than the actual 10 min.


We paid 85€ for two nights which, in my opinion, is rather expensive for a hostel, because it comes without breakfast and I definitely have found cheaper options before. But in my experience, those cheaper options never had such clean and still new-looking rooms, they tended to have worn-out furniture or come without windows. On this previous blog post under the subheading Where to stay you can find all the other accommodations where I’ve stayed at so far. As I booked this room just a few days in advance, I guess the price went up a little bit. Just as a comparison: I just looked at their site on booking.com and it says 37€ per night for a double room (from 16th to 17th February), so it’s a little bit cheaper than what we paid.

If you want to book a room at FU House Hostel, this link here leads you directly to the booking.com website where I also did my booking for the Double room. For those of you who prefer a slightly cheaper version of a stay at FU House Hostel – you can also book a dorm bed. If you already have Genius-Status on booking.com you might get a discount for FU House Hostel prices!


FU House Hostel

77 Soi Sukhumvit 8

Khwaeng Khlong Toei



I would definitely stay at FU House Hostel again. Accommodations in Bangkok tend to look worn out easily and therefore also a little dirty, but that’s not the case for this hostel. FU House Hostel is great for everyone who doesn’t need an attentive staff but still doesn’t want to miss a nice and clean room and the overall typical atmosphere around Sukhumvit.


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