Attersee · Hiking

Attersee · Hiking

Sometimes I cannot wait to travel again, to lie on the beach and discover new cultures. But then I remember that I forgot my beautiful home country – Austria. I’m always thinking about where to go next or where I would rather be, but Austria has some amazing places too. I do have the impression that people always find everything else more beautiful than their own home country. But Austria really boasts a lot of beautiful sceneries and places that we should pay a visit and therefore I believe that we should appreciate what our country has to offer even though we are in the middle of Europe, landlocked so to say. In Austria, for example, we can find amazing landscapes – in the east we have lowlands and in the west the mountains. Both provide the best conditions for everyone’s needs. Last year in September, I went hiking very often in Switzerland. There, I quickly became addicted to the views, especially when I was sitting on the foot of the Matterhorn with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. That moment I decided to go out and spend time in nature more often. This summer though, there won’t be much time because I have to do some stuff for university, but I hope I can go hiking at least once or twice. Last year in summer I went hiking at Attersee, Austria. We drove there with the car and slept on a campsite. The morning after I jumped in the water before the hike, it was just amazing. You can see the pictures from that weekend here.











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  • 5 years ago

    OK. Drei Kommentare an einem Tag, aber ich kann nicht anders: Der Attersee ist meine Heimat, ich wohne in Attersee am Attersee. <3 Daher: ganz große Attersee-Liebe von meiner Seite und schön, dass er dich offenbar auch in seinen Bann gezogen hat! 😉 GLG


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