About me

Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about the person behind the travel blog sirimah.com.

About me, Siri

I’m Siri – half Austrian, half Thai. I am a full-time student, passionate traveler, foodie, plant lady and polyglot from Austria. I study conference interpreting at the University of Vienna. My interest in other cultures, different cuisines and new languages has made me want to travel to different parts of the world.

Random facts about me:

  • I try to reduce plastic wherever I can – after diving and visiting so many countries that still fail to teach their people on how to do proper waste management.
  • In almost every country I have been to in Southeast Asia, people speak their local language with me because they think I am one of theirs. It’s always such a fun experience.
  • I dive even though I am afraid of the depth of the ocean.
  • I love refurbishing some of the old furniture that I find hidden in the corners of my family’s home.
  • Plants are my secret passion. At first, they all died, but I got the hang of it and today, every now and then, I am secretly smuggling new plants into my apartment.
  • I seriously love food – cooking, eating, everything that involves food. If my friends read this they’ll be smiling and nodding their heads like “yup”  – my favorite cuisines are Ethiopian and Thai.
  • Fair Fashion is a new hobby of mine, let me just say: it ain’t easy guys, but it’s worth it. I just couldn’t square it with my conscience anymore.

My way of traveling

Whenever I can, I love traveling around spontaneously and never without my backpack. Most of the time I book only the first stay ahead. Everything else is being planned as I travel around the country and hear stories and recommendations of other travelers. Vacations spent in only one hotel with a private beach are not for travelers like myself, as I like going from one destination to another, exploring the many beautiful places a country has to offer.

Don’t expect recommendations for luxurious accommodations, restaurants or clothes – they are far beyond my budget. However, I have been lucky and have found some really good offers for a stay at such accommodations on various booking websites 🙂

Where I travel to

I love traveling to warmer countries for a few weeks – most of the time it’s three to four weeks straight – to escape the cold in my home country. Asia has proven to be the perfect destination since the expenses can be kept pretty low, the food is delicious and the beaches and countrysides are amazing.

During summer I explore the many treasures Europe has to offer, however, in the recent months my interest has shifted towards Arab countries that I want to visit in the upcoming years. Morocco has been such a blast this September, I am waiting for an open window in my uni schedule to fly to a country of the Middle East.

Why I blog

The main interest for creating this blog was to keep on writing in three languages. I wanted to write about something that I am really passionate about: I want like to share my travel stories, experiences and give advice about all the beautiful places that I visit. And of course, I would like to hear about YOUR experiences and recommendations.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me 🙂