There is a wide range of shops, restaurants and Yoga studios in Canggu. In my opinion, Canggu is the best start to your journey in Indonesia. In addition to that, I just love the atmosphere. Canggu just has such a relaxed vibe to it. Unfortunately, I have to stay that you won’t find much local life here. This is a place where digital nomads come together to create stunning content for their blogs, online shops etc. It seems as if people come to Canggu to indulge in tons of Avo toast, freshly pressed juices, get a nice tan, surf, do yoga and/or also to party. However, somehow it is still very quiet as opposed to Seminyak.


A few notes on Bali

Bali is very different to other Asian destinations. Some of you might as yourself: how come? Everyone who tries to immerse in local life won’t find what you’re looking for in Canggu or Seminyak – for that you’ll have to stay in other regions. Instead, you’ll find heaps of hip restaurants offering amazing dishes at a really good quality. Western dishes are prepared with such an eye for detail. Accommodations as well are amazing, even travellers on a budget will find top accommodation places that offer amazing conditions in the best location. I haven’t found another destination in Asia that offers that many stylish Airbnb accommodations at such low prices. 

In short, you won’t have to cut down on your standards that you’re used from at home, but you’ll only pay a mere fraction for what you’d pay at home. Bali is a real paradise for everyone seeking quality and high standard accommodation as well as restaurants at low prices–bearing in mind, that cheap and low prices can be interpreted in different ways by different people.


Best travel time

Dry season starts in May and goes until October, most people will come during dry season, but nevertheless there are lots of people visiting during rainy season. I don’t think that the rainy season should keep you from coming here–on the contrary, I actually really love rainy season. Our first visit to Bali was also during rainy season and we almost never had rain showers (maybe we were just lucky). This year, every two to three days a bit of rain was pouring down at night. And if it rains, it only does for a few minutes–let’s say about 30 minutes.



Love Anchor Market Canggu

This market is the best spot for me to buy some additional jewellery that I haven’t found at home and that I do not want to buy on the Internet. I only bought a few silver jewellery items last year to see whether the quality is good and it honestly–very surprising for me–still looks very good and new to that day. And because it has lasted so well, I went back to buy a few more items. Apart from jewellery, you can also find cute bags and clothes.




I randomly walked past Espace last year and after seeing that they had only recently opened this place and offered opening prices, I had decided to take a look inside and see if they have a free appointment. As it turned out, they had had a free schedule right away. This year, the same thing happened when I walked in to see if I could make an appointment for the same day. Espace has a wide range of treatments: facials, hand and/or foot massage, regular massage and hair masks.  

Both times I chose to get a Deep Cleansing facial treatment with local products and left the appointment feeling so relaxed. Please keep in mind that the prices on the price list do not include taxes yet, so the Deep Cleansing facial costs around 300.000IDR.


Facts and figures

Renting a scooter – depending on the duration of your stay in Canggu the prices vary between 60.000-100.000IDR

organized Airport pick-up OR transfer – 150.000IDR